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Struggling to become a creative essay writer? 

That is fine. Even creative essay writers themselves, experience difficulties composing. 

There are no boundaries in creative essay writing. This is exactly the reason why writing essays becomes hard. That, at the same time also sets the challenge.

Squeeze your creative juices out.  Begin on the five ways discussed below, to overcome writer's block.

Use strengths.  You need not go far if you have that knack for a particular writing genre.  Invest on that strength.  Write fiction if that's where you do well.  Remember this is all on you, tailoring a story that will seize readers' attention. Focus on the field that interests you most.  The more you share yourself , the more heart you put into your writing.  Your output will most likely turn out all right,  with more connection you have with it.

Keep writing. Ideas arise anytime, anywhere. Scribbles may be springboards for a good essay. Keep a pen and any notepad handy. Write, write, write.  You won't be billed for doing so.  Jot down anything that crosses your mind. You may draw out inspiration from those random notes.  If you have thought of an  interesting topic while driving, find a way to record it. Use  your phone.  Brilliant ideas do not come often, so do not let them just float in the air.

Play with imagination.  You stare in front of a blank document. You can't seem to think of anything sensible to talk about. This calls for a few exercises. Take out magazines or newspapers. Find inspirations from the published stories. You can figure another plot, or twist, and play around it.  Ask yourself the 'what if' questions.  What if the main character did otherwise? How will it change the story?  Construct your own version of the scenario. Apply personal encounters you deem entertaining.  Use people you know as references in forming characters.  Start from there then, spice things up.
Work comfortably. Look for a place that sets your mood to writing. We have different ideal work zones. Write in a coffee shop if your thoughts tend to flow continuously in a crowded place. Stay in your bedroom or go to the library if you find noise distracting.  Do some cleaning in the house before drafting, if you find a disorganized background disturbing. Help yourself out.   It is only you who would be able to tell which environment works best.

Take breaks. You have loads of deadlines to meet, but your brain can only accomplish as much. Do not push too hard. Do not feel sorry if you were not able to come up with anything in a day.  Always remember, quality matters over quantity. It is rather disappointing to sit down and force yourself to write for hours, only to come up with trash.  You could have used the time for something more worthwhile. Relax. Go back to work the next day. Give yourself a rest. Sometimes, you seem at lost for words in the middle of your essay. Yes, writing can be draining. So, breathe and unwind for a while.

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