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You have to learn writing.
You have to know how to write as a form of expression, and for your benefit as well. Whether you like it or not, you will have to do it,  particularly in the case of students. 
Essays are good writing exercises because:

It teaches basics.

The introduction, body and conclusion  keep this writing structure in mind  to your advantage.
The essay parts mentioned above are found in all essays,  although the same arrangement may not be followed strictly. The trick is how you come up with an understandable essay even when using another format.
The introduction has to draw attention. Get the audience reading by informing the significance or benefits they may get from your essay.
The essay body should be meaty.  Every thought, or sentence in good essays  is essential in establishing the thesis statement.  Therefore, irrelevant or unnecessary words must be omitted. The shorter, the better.
The conclusion summarizes the essay and restates the topic. It also contains the writer's insights.

It observes coherence.

Whatever you are writing, however you want to write it down, coherence should always be present. 
Imagine a friend sharing how his day went. Will you understand the story if he goes from an event that happened in the morning,suddenly  jump to what occurred in the evening, move in the afternoon, and then go back again in the morning? Chances are, you will ask to retell the story, chronologically.
Effective essays observe coherence. It does not mix ideas that do not belong together.  The  thesis statement is developed through logical and smooth transition of points.
Coherence is vital not only in essays, but also in all forms of writing.

It encourages creativity.

There are many types of essays which you can explore.
Persuasive essays allow you to express views on a certain phenomenon and defend it using facts. This is essay type challenges writers in such a way they should prove their stand's correctness or truthfulness compared to the opposing side.
Narrative essays, on the other hand,  is a good avenue  for  those who have the knack in painting visual images, through the use of descriptive words.  
Persuasive pot lights Oakville and narrative are just two essay types. Whichever you decide to go for, bear in mind that creativity is the key to coming up with a juicy and interesting essay. 

To sum it up,

Essays demand writers to apply the basic writing structure, coherence, and creativity. Thus providing good training for writers, especially for amateurs. Practice composing essays and become excellent writers.

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